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 Past Events

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bulletKlingon Peace Delegation   Each year the Klingon Empire sends a Peace Delegation from their home world, Qo'noS, to Starfleet Institute of the Sciences.  The Delegation, under the direction of Admiral K'Han Den, discuss Klingon technological advances in the field of science, as well as nonviolent conflict resolution. 

bulletStarfleet Institute of Peace   Starfleet medical cadets visit the campus of Lowman Special Education Center weekly to interact with students that are physically and developmentally challenged.  The experiences at Lowman positively impact our cadets as well as the Lowman students for a lifetime. 

bulletFamily Science Night This special night gives family members an occasion to visit the science classrooms and participate in selected science projects with their children.  Past projects have included the "Design an Unbreakable Egg Container" and the "Create an Alternative Energy Vehicle."  


Television Appearances   Starfleet cadets have had the opportunity to appear on cable television talk programs to discuss the Starfleet program as well as  student views on current issues such as campus violence, peer relationships, and available academic programs.